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Fall River Hotel - Fall River Mills California

Fall River Mills, California is a picturesque and charming town that offers a variety of events throughout the year that make it a great destination for a vacation. From cultural festivals to outdoor activities, there is always something to enjoy in this quaint mountain town.

In the spring, visitors can attend the annual Wildflower Show and celebrate the beauty of the region’s native flowers. During the summer, the Hexagenia Hatch provides a fantastic opportunity for fly fishing and the community hosts an Independence Day parade and fireworks display. In late summer, over labor day weekend, the Fall River Valley hosts the Inter-Mountain Fair. With 5 days of events, arts, and crafts, a demolition derby, and the kind of home-town atmosphere you can only find in the Fall River Valley. And during the winter, the town comes alive with holiday festivities, including the annual Christmas parade and the lighting of the town’s Christmas tree. With its beautiful scenery, friendly community, and year-round events, Fall River Mills is a wonderful destination for a memorable and enjoyable vacation.

World Famous Hexagenia Hatch On Fall River

The Hexagenia Hatch on Fall River is a highly anticipated event for fly fishing enthusiasts. This hatch, which occurs in the summer months, sees a large number of Hexagenia mayflies emerge from the river and provide a feast for the native rainbow trout. The hatch typically takes place in mid to late June or peaks in early July and can last for several weeks. This time of year is considered the best time to fish on Fall River, as the abundance of mayflies results in an explosion of insect activity and provides excellent opportunities for anglers to catch large, trophy-sized rainbow trout. The Hexagenia Hatch is renowned for producing some of the best fishing of the year on Fall River and draws fly fishermen from all over the world to this beautiful part of California. The hatch occurs about 15 ~ 20 minutes past sundown and lasts for approximately 20 minutes. For the angler and non-angler alike, the Hexagenia Hatch is an event that should not be missed. Hiring a local fishing guide is the key to having a safe and enjoyable experience.

Inter-mountain Fair – Labor Day Weekend

The Inter-Mountain Fair in Fall River Mills, California is an exciting and highly anticipated event that takes place over the Labor Day weekend. This annual fair is packed with a wide range of activities and entertainment that are sure to delight visitors of all ages. From carnival rides and games, to live music and food vendors, there is something for everyone at the Inter-Mountain Fair. One of the highlights of the event is the demolition derby, which is a thrilling and high-energy competition where drivers in souped-up cars race and smash into each other in a no-holds-barred competition. In addition to the demolition derby, the fair features a variety of contests and competitions, such as a pie-eating contest and a talent show. The fair also features a large exhibit hall where local artisans and vendors showcase their wares and offer visitors a chance to purchase unique and handmade items. With its festive atmosphere, exciting activities, and diverse range of entertainment, the Inter-Mountain Fair over Labor Day weekend in Fall River Mills is an event that should not be missed.

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Fall River Century Bike Ride

The annual Century Bike Ride in Fall River Mills is a challenging and rewarding event that attracts cyclists from all over the region. The route covers a distance of 100 miles and takes riders through the beautiful 0and scenic countryside of the Fall River Valley. The weather during the ride is typically warm and sunny, making it ideal for outdoor activity. To complete the ride, participants should be in good physical condition and have a strong level of fitness, as the route includes several steep climbs and long descents.

The majority of participants in the Century Bike Ride ride road bikes, which are designed for speed and efficiency on paved roads. The average time to complete the ride is between 5-7 hours, with the fastest riders completing the course in under 4 hours. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or just looking for a new challenge, the annual Century Bike Ride in Fall River Mills is a must-do event for anyone who loves to ride and enjoys the great outdoors.

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Annual Christmas Light Parade

Planning a trip to Fall River Mills, California during the winter season to witness the annual Christmas parade is a wonderful idea for those seeking a festive and charming holiday experience. This town comes alive during the holiday season with the sounds of holiday music and the sights of twinkling lights. The Christmas parade, held annually on the first Saturday of December, is the highlight of the holiday festivities and features a colorful and joyful procession of seasonally festive floats, food, people, and basically anything that elevates the Christmas spirit. Not to be missed!

After the parade, visitors can treat themselves to a delicious dinner and drinks here at The Fall River Hotel. The hotel offers a variety of delicious cuisine, from classic American dishes to local specialties, and is known for its warm and inviting atmosphere. The Fall River Hotel is the perfect place to kick off the holiday season. Fall River Mills is a unique destination for a memorable and enjoyable holiday getaway.

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